233 Area Code: Location, History, Time Zone, Toll-Free SCAM?

An incoming call from a number that seems to be in a different area code is a sure sign that something is wrong. Why don’t we know where this number is calling from? These are the most common questions about getting a call from an unfamiliar area code. Want to know more about area code 233? You might want to continue reading below.

Is Area code 233 Toll-free?Not at all
Major CityUnassigned
Time ZoneUnassigned


Callers from area code 233 are not allowed to reach you, because it is not officially used as a telephone exchange code in North America. If someone calls you from that number, it is likely spam. Do not answer the phone!

Are calls from the 233 area code Scam?

Yes, it may be. So, in order to protect yourself against identity theft, you need to be diligent about using your personal information correctly. It is important that you never reveal your personal information online unless you intend to give it out. You should always verify the legitimacy of the website where you input your personal information.

How do I block suspicious calls from area code 233?

Here’s a guide to help you block numbers on your Android and iPhone:

  • Android user

For Android users, go to your recent call logs and look for the number you want to block. Then click “details” and click “block number”.

  • iPhone user

The process is similar to the previous one. Open your recent call logs, find the number, and click “i” with a circle around it. Then scroll down to the bottom and tap “block this caller”.


What country has a 233 area code?

Area code 233 is Unassigned till now. No, the country has this area code yet.

Is area code 233 toll-free?

Area code 233 is not a toll-free number. In the US, this area code is only used for specific service codes, and as such, calling any number with area code 233 is not allowed. Any number starting with area code 233 cannot be dialed from the US.


It is important to confirm first who is calling your phone. Always make sure that you know the number and the caller before you answer a phone call. If you do not recognize the caller, block the number immediately. You can follow the given procedure above as your guide. Also, look it up on the internet and see where the number is registered.

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