246 Area Code- Location, City, Time Zone

The 246 area code is one of the most interesting and unique area codes in the world. This area code is home to some of the most creative and innovative people on the planet. If you’re looking for a place to get your creative juices flowing, this is the place for you.

Is Area code 246 Toll-free?Not at all
Major CityBarbados
Time ZoneAtlantic Standard Time

The 246 area code: what it is and what it covers?

The 246 area code is used for telephone numbers in Barbados. The 246 area code covers the entire island of Barbados.

The history of the area code:

The 246 area code was created in 1997 as a split from the 809 area code. The 246 area code covers the island of Barbados.

The current status of the 246 area code:

The 246 area code is currently active. It was put into service on January 1, 2000, and covers the southwestern portion of Barbados, including the city of Bridgetown.

How the 246 area code affects businesses :

The 246 area code is a telephone dialing code for Barbados. It was created on 8 November 1996, when the then 225 area code was split. The new 246 area code now covers the whole country.

Businesses with a Barbados presence may need to update their contact information to include the new 246 area code. This is especially important for businesses that advertise toll-free numbers or use vanity numbers that include the old 225 area code.

The benefits of the 246 area code:

The 246 area code has several benefits for Barbadian businesses and consumers :

  • First, it helps to reduce the costs of long-distance and international calling for Barbadians.
  • Second, it makes it easier for businesses with a Presence in Barbados to have a local telephone number. This can be important for attracting customers who may be hesitant to call a long-distance or international number.
  • Finally, the 246 area code can help businesses Project a more Professional image by having a local phone number with an area code that is associated with business growth and prosperity.

The drawbacks of the 246 area code:

There are a few drawbacks to the 246 area code:

  • First, it is not widely known, so it can be difficult for people to remember.
  • Additionally, it is not widely distributed, so it can be difficult to find phone numbers with this area code.
  • Finally, the area code is not always available in all areas of the country.


Is calling Barbados an international call?

The short answer is no, calling Barbados from another country is not an international call. The long answer is that calling Barbados from another country requires a local dialing plan, but if you have a mobile phone, you can still use it for calls to Barbados by using the ‘Caller ID’ feature.

How do I call Barbados from the US?

To call Barbados from the US, you need to dial the international access code of Barbados + 246, followed by the local number of the person you want to call.

Which country area code is 246?

246 is the Barbados country code. This is its local area code for both landline and mobile.


In conclusion, Area code 242 is assigned to the country Barbados. This number was assigned by the International Telecommunication Union as the international standard emergency telephone number. It is not normally used for general dialing purposes, except to call the Barbados country code.

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